Revision Policy

First of all, our company is focused on high standards of writing services. That is why the factor of customer satisfaction is very important for us. We return ready papers, which absolutely suit the client’s requirements and are thoroughly checked for originality. The primary purpose of our company is to achieve reliable relations with our clients, avoiding conflicts and problems. That is the reason for composing the current Revision Policy paper. Furthermore, we can add alterations to this Revision Policy paper.

During the period of 10 days after getting your written paper, our clients can revise it for free as many times as they need.

Please, look through the following revision terms:

  • Initial instructions should coincide with those instructions for the final revision. Otherwise, a client will have to pay 75% of the original service fee in order to modify initial instruction.
  • If a client wants to request a revision, he or she can perform it in two ways: using an email address for previous correspondence with us, or via a personal account on our site.
  • The period for free revisions (for every order) lasts not more than 10 days. If a client needs further actions with the written paper after the expiration of this time limit, we will do it for additional fee.
  • Clients are allowed to re-assign the writer, currently responsible for the order fulfillment. Note that a client should be able to prove necessity to re-assign the writer and have a solid reason for it.
  • A dispute can be started only after finishing one revision for urgent tasks with a short deadline period (less than 48 hours) and after finishing at least two revisions for usual tasks with a deadline period of more than two days.
  • Every revision has the minimal time period—4 hours. In some particular situations, we can prolong this time period. However, clients will not be able to receive a refund for the reason of lateness.
  • We will not return refunds connected with revision lateness. Also, we do not give refunds, in the case where a client has not informed us about receiving a refund beforehand.
  • When a client has unresolved disputes, the right for the revisions becomes inactive.

We have endeavored to create a detailed Revision Policy, which will help to find a way out from various unpredictable situations. Returning clients are the major purpose for us, therefore we will do the best to satisfy clients with the quality of our services. We have been providing our clients with quality papers for years. Some alterations were made in our policies to provide people with the actual information according to offered services and client’s rights. You can trust us and make orders from!

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