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If you are visiting our website for the first time, please check the FAQ section below. It contains answers to popular questions and provides information about the way we operate. We update the section once a month to include additional details and provide full information about our service.

  • How to place an order with EssayOut?

    You can get all the necessary information regarding to filling out the order form by simply clicking on the ‘info’ sign next to every field. A pop-up window will give you that information. Pay much attention here: provide us with accurate and as much detailed information as possible because you will not be able to change the instructions once your order has been started. Anyway, if it requires to modify any instruction, you can contact the customer support requesting your information update, but for that you have to pay an extra fee. As soon as we get your payment, we start to execute your order. If we fail to deliver you the ordered service within the promised time, you will get a refund. Be sure to send us your active email address and phone number so that we can easily reach you in any circumstance.

  • When will my order get assigned to a writer?

    As soon as we get the confirmation of your payment, we start to find out a writer who has the required qualifications to complete your order. Nothing to worry about, you can simultaneously contact the writer through messaging system or from your personal account on the order page. When your writer leaves you a message, you will get an email notification of this. Upon getting the notification, you can login to your personal account to reply the messages.

  • How can I contact an administrator?

    You can contact an administrator through your personal account in case of any query.

  • What to do if my order does not get assigned to a writer immediately?

    If your order appears to be more complex, or if we find it requires special qualification, then we will take some time to find out the best writer for your order. We are agile, but not in a situation when you need the best service from us. Anyway, if your order does not get a writer assigned within a certain period (within 2 days for a 7-day delivery period), you can contact our customer support.

  • How can I update information or instruction of my order?

    If you figure out something wrong with your instructions and want to change it, you can easily cancel your previous order and place a new one. Note that, you can cancel your old order only when it is not assigned to someone. Anyway, you have still an option to change the instruction of your previous order, but for that you have to pay an additional fee. You can change anything you want, including the required academic level, desired number of pages, headlines, summary as well as the overall assignment instructions. If you do not get an immediate reply from your writer, you need not to be tensed. Most probably he/she has not yet viewed the message. However, you can hope a reply within 24 hours. If a situation arises when you need an urgent reply, we will take necessary steps to inform your writer so that he/she can reach you more quickly.

  • How will you deliver my order?

    After the successful completion of your order, you will get an email notification containing a link from which you can download the finished paper as a Microsoft Word document. If you face any problem downloading the file, simply contact our customer support department. We will send you the file through email. We put much importance on the customer feedback and we really want you to leave us a feedback. Please fill out the feedback form and help us provide you with the best service.

  • How long will you take to complete an order?

    Generally, it takes us about 24 hours to complete your order. But the exact time of order completion depends on the size of your order. The delivery time can vary according to the desired length of paper and the complexity of the subject. If you need an urgent delivery of your paper, generally your order will be executed more promptly. In that case, you have to pay more for a tighter deadline than a regular order. Be sure to figure out an optimum deadline so that your writer might be able to give you the right thing you need. Longer deadline always ensures a better quality of service.

  • What is the purpose your service?

    We handle your order as to provide you with an ‘example/model’ that can show you a way to write your own paper. You should never submit our work as your own paper. All of our service is only for educational purpose and we never want you to commit academic cheating. We encourage you to write your own paper by taking hints from us. For more details, please check our Fair Usage Policy.

  • How can you ensure that you will deliver the promised order?

    The main target of our service is to gain customer satisfaction. A lot of our customers have found our services so helpful that they still come back to us along with referring us to their friends. We are always determined to offer you the best service. Moreover, if you do not get the promised task, we ensure you a 100% money back guarantee. In any case, contact our support department, we will take immediate steps to make you happy.

  • What instructions should I provide?

    We can assist you in any virtual assignment. However, your instructions must be clear and in unequivocal words so that we can deliver you the best product. Detailed information on paper title, desired font/font size, formatting style, margin, number of pages, words count per page, line space, source material etc. should be described as precisely as possible.

  • What about your writers’ qualifications?

    The EssayOut is one of the most renowned service providers that provides high quality papers in the field of academic writing. It has assembled talented and skilled writers having a versatile field of experiences from English speaking countries. They are extremely good at performing high quality researches based on reliable resources. Most of our writers have various degrees and a lot of them are in the academic profession of different levels. The writers remain available all day long to meet your tightest deadline. No matter, how complex your topic is; our writers have access to all renowned academic journals and they always depend on reliable sources to carry out further researches on your topic. So you will always get high quality material from EssayOut.

  • Why are you different from your competitors?

    If you search for academic writing, you will get tons of service providers. We always try to stand apart from them. Unlike other providers, we stick to deliver high quality service to our customers. We value the money of our customer and center on customer satisfaction. We never rewrite or plagiarize content. All the materials we deliver are original and written by our professional writers. We believe in ‘best service, best reputation’.

  • Why should I trust you?

    EssayOut is the best helping hand for those who are in search of assistance in completing their academic papers. We have developed credibility spending years and we have customers from all over the world. We are real, genuine and we like to make real deals. To know more about us, contact our customer support.

  • Whom do I contact if I need assistance?

    EssayOut has a 24/7 customer support for your assistance. We have a dedicated customer support team who remains available all day long to assist you in any urgency. You can simply get us in touch by email, Live Chat, phone call or by messaging through your customer account. You will always get our support team responsive and obviously sincere.

  • What are the benefits of being a partner of EssayOut?

    Day by day, our online credibility is expanding as we are centered upon customer satisfaction. Our customers are our main assets to evolve. We have developed our morality and policy in a customer-friendly way so that you actually get what you expect to get. We always try to meet your requirements at any cost. We are frequently developing new features so that you can get a better experience working with us. We have developed a user-friendly website so that our customer can easily get what they need. By registering a customer account with us, you get access to your own user page from which you can get your order updates, contact your writer, upload necessary files, pay for your order and evenly download the final task. After getting your order, we start matching writer according to your desired academic level. We always have a workload, but this is nothing to us as we are simultaneously increasing the number of writers. If you want to learn more, please contact us at our 24/7 customer support.

  • What type of services do you provide?

    Along with writing services, we are happy to inform you that you can get document edition, proofreading and research services from us. We are fit for customers from any academic level covering high school, colleges and graduation courses. We offer all writing services including essays, thesis papers, research papers, article critiques, Power Point Presentation (.ppt/.pptx), book reports, literature reviews, motivation letters, statement of purpose letters, resumes and so on. Outside of academic writing, we also handle web page writings, fiction and nonfiction stories, grant proposals, ghost writings, blog writings and virtually any writing you need.

  • Will you deliver me a customized order?

    We ensure you a top quality service. We are legitimate and we do not endure any sort of plagiarism in the paper. We are strict to follow our antiplagiarism policy. All of our writers have given their consent not to plagiarize in your paper. To ensure a high quality, we always pass the final paper through our potential plagiarism checking system. If we are able to identify plagiarism, the paper is instantly sent to its writer for a revision. You will get the final paper according to your instructions and along with the material sources. EssayOut backs up all the information regarding to your order in case of any dispute.

  • Which topics do you write on?

    In fact, we can handle any writing services. We have numerous potential writers from different academic levels who have knowledge covering almost all the subject matters. We are still trying to hire additional writers from each field of demand. No matter, what topic you have, we will find out a professional writer to handle your order. They are familiar with what you need and they will write the content according to your demand.

  • Do you deliver a ‘copy-paste’ content?

    You will get ZERO copy-paste content from us. Yes, the chance is zero. We ensure that you will get an original paper based on your instructions. If you provide the sources with us, then the written content will be based on your sources. In other cases, the writers will develop the contents from scratch and provide you a good reference. Note that, you will neither get a directly copied and pasted content nor a previously completed paper.

  • If I send materials to the writer, do they actually explore it?

    Obviously. This is the point of our high quality service. Our writers read your requirements and instructions carefully before starting to write. They also explore any materials sent to them so that they can easily understand what you exactly want. So, no matter, you can send anything necessary during placing the order to get a well-done paper. If you forget to send the required materials, don’t worry, you can simply upload the files from your user account at EssayOut.

  • Will the final paper contain a reference or bibliography?

    Of course. You just have to specify the required format (APA, MLA, Chicago, Turbian, Harvard) and we will do this for you. This is, in fact, included in your package that means you need not to pay for it.

  • Is your provided service legal?

    Certainly. We are legit and free of plagiarism. We encourage our writers to follow customers’ instructions and write contents based on their knowledge. You will not get any duplicate content or previously done content. We always encourage you not to submit our paper as your own. Take our service as a model to make your own paper.

  • Are your services confidential?

    Definitely yes. We give highest priority in ensuring your confidentiality. All of your information will be protected in our secured database and we never reveal your information to any third party. You will also remain anonymous to the writers.

  • Do you sell my paper to other customers?

    Never. You own the ordered paper and your paper is only for you. We never resell your paper to other customers, websites or to third parties.

  • How can you ensure that my order will be delivered within the deadline?

    Great question! You have to believe that we will deliver you the order within the promised time. We are here because we are credible. You know that companies that fail to fulfil their promise, split out from the competition. We always arrange and take new orders so that we can meet the tightest deadline. That is why we are still on the track. We suggest that you should specify a deadline based on the academic level and on desired number of pages.

  • Is there any situation in which I may not get the order delivered on time?

    We try to deliver you the order within the specified deadline, but unfortunately there are some circumstances beyond our control that can extend the delivery period. For examples, if we encounter a technical failure, such as file corruption or internet disconnection, you may not get the order delivered on time. However, this situation seldom happens and we will send you notification regarding to any unwanted failure. In other cases, where EssayOut is responsible for the delay, you can raise a dispute.

  • What if the completed order does not meet my requirements?

    If you see that the finished order does not meet your expectation, let us know the fact. We offer you FREE and unlimited revisions in case of your dissatisfaction. Just specify the reason for revision and point out the sections which require correction. We will send your comments to your writer and request him/her a revision as soon as possible. If you request a revision or correction that was not mentioned in your instructions or request a revision after 48 hours of delivery, then you have to pay a rewriting fee. The cost depends on the required time and complexity of rewriting. For more detail information, please visit our pricing page.

  • What is your refund policy?

    From the view of business policy, our main target is to achieve customer satisfaction. We offer our customers free and unlimited revision of their papers within 48 hours of delivery. You can request a revision if the writer does not follow your instructions. However, if you still do not get the expected papers, let us know the issue. We will take necessary step and you will be entitled to get a refund.

  • What is your privacy policy?

    We have developed our privacy policy based on our service ethics. We are determined not to share any of your information to third parties. None of our representative will ask for your personal information. But if a situation arises, we may request you some additional information. The email address and phone number that you provide us, are solely for maintaining your customer account, but this information will be secured as strictly as possible. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy page.

  • Do you accept international orders?

    Yes, we do. It is not a matter at all where you are from, we have talented writers both in our domestic workplace and experienced freelance writers to meet the requirements of overseas customers. Chill out the tension of matching academic level with your institution. Just provide us the academic criteria and your institutions, we will find out a writer from your native country so that he/she can meet the requirements in a more facile manner. Thus, we ensure international orders.

  • How do you handle academic cheating?

    We have already said that the purpose of our service is to make you a better student and to help you develop your own papers. Our service should be taken as a guideline of writing new papers. If you use our service in any other purposes or submit it as your own, EssayOut will not be responsible for any academic cheating.

  • It seems that your company indirectly supports plagiarism. What about it?

    It is not the actual case that you are thinking. Consider buying a book or movie. You can only buy it, but the full copyright shall still remain with the writer/publisher of the material. You cannot use any part of the movie or the book in your own name. We are not an exception to this. By taking a service from us, you agree to obey our Terms of Use Agreement. You can take our service as a guideline of writing your own assignments. You should never submit our paper as your own.

  • How can I order from EssayOut?

    Placing an order with EssayOut is simple and easy. Just go to our website homepage and click on ‘order now’. Fill out the order page with proper instructions and describe your order as precisely as possible.

  • What is the ‘payment process’?

    The payment process is a system through which you have to pay us for the service we provide. You have to make the payment before a writer gets assigned to your task. If your order is too complex, then your payment will be withheld until we find out a suitable writer for your order. We accept PayPal which is the safest online payment processor. You can also pay us through debit cards or major credit cards. If you want to place a large order, you have the option to pay us in installments. Unfortunately, we cannot accept direct cash in the hands or cash in an envelope.

  • Is your payment process secure and safe?

    We put much importance on your payment protection. We can ensure you that all of your transactions and information related to payment process will be secured. We are a co-partner of, a renowned and reliable payment processing company. When you choose the payment option after filling out the order form, you will be taken to the site of from which you can make the payment. After the successful transaction, we will start to execute your order.

  • Do you have any hidden fees?

    Obviously NOT. We don’t have any intention to cheat you. We are always honest in our service. There is no scheme that can cost you an extra or unspecified fee. You will never be asked to pay a penny more than the price specified for a particular order.

  • How can I get my paper upon its completion?

    Once your paper has been finished, it will be sent to you via your customer account in our site. You have to simply login to your account using your email address and password to get access to your account. If you want to get the final paper in your email, just let us know the fact. We will take steps to send it to your email address right away.

  • When will I get my paper delivered?

    The delivery time is dependent on the deadline you specified during placing the order. For instance, if you place an order in the morning and fix a three-day delivery period, your order must be delivered by the morning three days later from the date of placing order. If you place an order at 2.30 PM and specify a 3-hour deadline, then you will get the paper delivered by 5.30 PM. However, your writer might be able to complete the paper sooner, in that case, your paper will be delivered earlier.

  • What should I do if I don’t get the final paper within the promised deadline?

    If the deadline has passed and you still haven’t got your paper delivered, do not tense, just keep calm and contact our support team right away. You can easily contact us by Live Chat, toll free telephone or through the messing system from your customer account. You will get the facts for which your paper has not been yet delivered. Anyway, some of the possible reasons have been specified here. The email address you provided us may be incorrect. Check your spam filter before contact us because sometimes our emails may be in your spam folder. It is seen that, on certain occasions, your writer may be unable to complete the paper as he/she needs additional information from you and is still waiting to get a reply from you. In some cases, your paper may be in the editing/proofreading stage. However, all the above mentioned cases seldom happen. So you need not to worry about. To get the actual fact, please contact our 24/7 customer support.

  • Will I be able to edit the delivered paper?

    Obviously, you will. Once the paper will be completed, it will be sent to you as a Microsoft Word Document (.doc/.docx) file which you can easily edit according to your demand. If you find anything unusual in the paper or you are not satisfied with the product, we offer you a FREE revision of your paper.

  • How will you contact me?

    We recommend that you should frequently contact your writer and our support team to get the best service from us. We have dedicated team of supportive personnels to keep you updated with your order. Anyway, if a situation arises, we may contact you either by email or by phone. Therefore, you should provide us correct contact information so that we can easily reach you. Note that, do not forget to check your email randomly after placing an order to get any updated information.

  • Can I communicate the assigned writer by Live Chat, email or by phone?

    We have developed our privacy policy ensuring that all the confidential information of both our writers and customers will be protected. Due to the limitations of our privacy policy, we cannot allow the writers and the customers to contact through any other means rather than the default messaging system of their user account on our site. Both the writer and the customer have to use the customer account messaging system to communicate. We do not encourage you to share any personal information with the writer or ask any personal information to the writer. We suggest that you should contact the writer most frequently to settle any issue within a short time.

  • What if I need help right now?

    We frequently check our emails and messages so that we can provide the best customer support. Anyway, if you need an urgent response, you can easily get us in touch through our customer support via live chat or toll free telephone. We have a dedicated customer support team who works relentlessly for your assistance. If you are not yet sure how to take our service or how to open a customer account, you are welcome to contact our customer support right away.

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